UFC 196 Results: Latifi beats Villante via Unanimous Decision

Back to the light heavyweight division again with Gian Villante squaring off against Ilir Latifi.

The 1st round was uneventful, most of it took place against the fence due to Latifi looking for a take down which he could not find. Both fighters landed some nice shots but the round itself was pretty stagnant. Hard to call who won that round going into the 2nd.

Latifi finally gets a take down in round two but its short lived with Villante popping back up immediately. Both fighters were tentative on their feet but Villante had the edge in that department, landing some solid kicks while Latifi endlessly pursued the take down. The round closed out with Latifi landing a nice slam. Again, a pretty unremarkable five minutes.

The third round was more of the same, Latifi managed to score another couple of slams as well as some good strikes which hurt Villante, but he failed to capitalise. The most uneventful fight on the card so far tonight.

Result: Ilir Latifi, Unanimous Decision.

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