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Top Five Fights Of 2020

Although the year 2020, the pandemic affected many sports, many fights have surprised the fans on an almost cinematic level. Generally, the clashes listed below may be remembered in history as some of the greatest in their category. We could have gone the obvious route by way of our choices when reviewing film but, these are the top fights of 2020.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk Losses to Zhang Weili

This match is categorized under UFC 248, and it happened on March the 7th. Zhang Weili competing against Joanna Jedrzejczyk is one of the greatest fights in the women’s’ mixed martial bout. Although the most anticipated fight UFC 248 was Fig versus Moreno, this other fight surpassed the main event.

This match was the first time Zhang was defending her straight weight title. Her opponent, Joanna, is the longest-reigning champion in the 115- pound history. Joanna presented the toughest challenge ever to Zhang.

This fight lasted an entertaining five-round, which totaled twenty-five minutes. The moment the bell rang, both fighters indicated their intention. That is, this was going to be a vicious contest. Both the fighters responded to the other’s punch viciously.

In the latter stage of the fight, Joanna suffered a nasty hematoma on her forehead. Despite this injury, she did not surrender. Although Joanna focused on her technical combination punches that were disrupting Zhang’s flow, the latter did retreat as long as she landed a few heavy shots of her own.

The crowds were excited, and although Zhang won the fight 48-47 to hold on to her title, all the pundits agree the fight could have gone either way.

Deiveison Fegueredo versus Brandon Moreno

This fight was categorized under UFC 256, and it was under the Flyweight category. The contest ended in a majority draw as each fighter gave their all. When the match began, Fig was the stronger one, and he won the first two rounds. However, in the third round, Moreno gained composure, and he decisively won this one.

After the third round, both fighters went at each other, whereby Moreno continued with his third-round momentum into the fourth one. Still, Fig managed to win the last round leading to a majority draw. This fight has been categorized as one of the greatest in flyweight history and is scheduled for a rematch. Therefore, you can wager on the rematch as well as judi slot online.

Dustin Poirier Wins against Dan Hooker

This fight happened in UFC Vegas 4. Dustin had been away from this bout, and he was making a return by fighting against Dan. In this fight, Dustin wanted to re-establish his credentials while Hooker hoped to climb up the UFC rankings. Hooker had the better shots in the first rounds. But Dustin proceeded to control the remaining parts getting better shots and getting more dominant. Finally, the judges decided that Dustin won and gave him the win on the scorecard.

Jose Zepeda Wins versus Ivan Baranchyk

The boxing pundits consider this contest as the fight of the year. It happened on October 30th as Zepeda got a knock-out victory over Ivan. He went ahead to win the WBC silver light welterweight title. Both fighters hit the canvas eight times.

Gervonta Davis versus Leo Santa Cruz

Gervonta knocked out Cruz in the sixth round to win the WBA Super featherweight title in this boxing match. By winning this category, Davis not only added another belt but also cemented his stature among the elite fighters.

There have been exciting fights in 2020 which you had an opportunity to watch and also wager on. However, you can always also diversify the betting risks by playing the Judi slot online. Betting in several games allows you to recover some amount if you don’t win on your other bet.

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