Top 5 Female Competitors of All Time

The boxing arena often attracts fierce fighters who often make a name for themselves with each tournament. These boxers often attract a huge fan base, and others choose to bet on them in various sites, including kaszinó.

Female boxing is quite exhilarating to watch as well as bet on it while also trying other slot games such as Book of Dead. Many female boxers have stood the test of time to become the most significant competitors of all time. Are you curious about them? They are as follows. 

Laila Ali

Despite being the daughter of the greatest boxer of all time, Mohammed Ali, Laila, made a name for herself. She quickly rose above the ranks to become one of the greatest female fighters of all time. Some of her significant moment in her career was between 1999 and 2007. Laila Ali has a total of 24 wins in her professional bouts. In all the 24 wins, 21 of them were magnificent knockouts. After quitting the boxing world, Laila proceeded to become a TV personality, as well as a celebrity who featured in different programs, including new celebrity apprentices and American gladiators, among others. 

Holly Holm

Here’s a mixed martial artist who’s quite notable in the boxing world. Other than participating in MMA, Holm is also a professional boxer as well as a kickboxer. Throughout her boxing career, she became an 18-times world champion record holder. She had won the female fighter of the year title twice and also earned a spot in the New Mexico boxing hall of fame.

Cecilia Braekhus

Braekhus is has earned a spot among the most celebrated female competitors of all time after reigning as the undisputed women’s welterweight world champion. She has gone undefeated during her 33 bouts. Throughout boxing history, she’s the 1st female boxer to hold all the major alphabet titles simultaneously. Cecilia is also one of the four boxers throughouthistory to have such a distinction. Other fighters with similar accomplishments include Terence Crawford, Bernard Hopkins, Jermain Taylor.

Lucia Rijker

Rijker might be a retired professional boxer, but her achievements continue to echo volumes as one of the most significant female competitors of all ages. She had begun her training in judo and MMA at a tender age of six years. Lucia Rijker went undefeated in the boxing ring until her retirement that came knocking in February 2007. She has a 17-0 boxing record, and 14 out of them were knockouts. She also has a 37-0 kickboxing record, out of which 25 were knockouts. She also has five other world titles.

Regina Helmich

Here’s a female boxer who led the female explosion in Europe. Regina Halmich was an elite female boxer throughout her career and displayed remarkable talent while in the ring. She has a solid 54-1-1 professional record, which includes 16 knockouts in her career. Halmich also won the super flyweight title, flyweight title as well as the WIBF junior flyweight.

Female boxing is one of the sporting events that you can’t afford to miss betting on in various sites, including Kaszino. As you enjoy other online games like Book of Dead, get to check out the female trendsetters in the boxing world to achieve various accolades.

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