Tom ‘Kong’ Watson returns to BAMMA

Sources close to WHOA TV have revealed that Tom ‘Kong’ Watson (17-9-0), BAMMA’s original poster boy, has re-signed with the promotion that catapulted him into the UFC. 36 year old Watson’s fortunes were mixed in the UFC and after an absence from competing in the middleweight division Watson, who last competed in 2015, is set to return to BAMMA, this time at welterweight.

Watson joined the promotion in 2009 fighting on their inaugural card, BAMMA 1:The Fighting Premiership and went on to win every fight under their banner. ‘Kong’ is set for what will hopefully amount to a triumphant return and aim to fill the welterweight hole left by ex Geordie Shore reality TV star Aaron Chalmers. The date set for Watson’s return is rumoured to be December 9th in Dublin. It’s an odd choice of date, it being a Sunday, and comes fresh of the back of their tie in with England’s World Cup aspirations when the promotion delivered their last event at York Hall.

An official announcement issued by BAMMA will take place tomorrow, the promotion tweeted a cleverly put together reference to Skull Island home to ‘King Kong’ to tease this. We will, as always, bring you more news on the emerging fight card, which will probably feature Rhys McKee and middleweight standout Fabian Edwards, in the coming days.

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