The Expendables

Cannon Fodder is defined as an informal, derogatory term for combatants who are regarded or treated as expendable and forced to deliberately fight against hopeless odds.

With that in mind, allow me to remind fans of the other ladies fight headlining a worldwide event today – Cyborg vs Tweet. I have heard it said that the fight isn’t getting the attention and promotion it deserves as a world title event but I disagree, I think it’s getting all the attention it deserves.

Tomorrow see’s Rousey v Zigano headline UFC 184, Cat being probably the most credible contender to Rousey’s crown to date. There’s been a real build up to this, between the classless trash talking of Rousey (including bitching about Arianny Celeste, really, you’re that threatened by the ring girl?) and the solid confidence of Zigano the two ladies have had the fight hitting all the right media outlets. The fight is a brilliant match 10-0 Rousey vs 9-0 Zigano and a combination of styles that should ensure a brutal, fast paced and exhilarating fight – I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a WMMA match up.

Then there’s Invicta FC 11 Cyborg v Tweet. Cristiane Justino was touted at the weigh ins as ‘one of the baddest women on the planet’, currently standing 11-1-1 her only loss, ever, in MMA comes back in 2005, her professional debut. She has wins over some of the very best in the world at the weight division over the years, including Carano, Baszler, Muxlow and twice over Marloes Coenen and is known as a brutal finisher. She is the most powerful and savage striker currently active in WMMA (although I would make an argument for Joanne Calderwood being up there pound for pound) and has a long history of wins over some of the Muay Thai greats.?

Tweet comes off of a fight at 155lb, a new weight division trialled by Invicta, where she took a scrappy win against Veronica Rothenhausler (who now stands 1-1), the short fight was a classic brawl. Tweet now stands 6-4 as a professional, showing a loss against 2 of the 3 genuinely credible opponents she has faced (Rousey and Budd, she took a win against Amanda Bell). She has returned to 145lb to challenge for the featherweight title but I genuinely can’t fathom why this match has been set unless it’s because the only other credible contenders have been snapped up by Bellator.

Both ladies come with equally huge hype trains, Tweet being Canadian means she has a whole country and their media behind her, she also has a great team around her who assist in her promotion. Cyborg is rarely out of the headlines, between her will she/won’t she drama’s with Rousey and with her past PED incident being dragged out of the woodwork every five minutes in the current climate. Looking at the videos of the open workouts I wonder if the hype has overtaken the reality.

Invicta FC has done wonderful things for women’s MMA, being known for the best matchmaking and some spectacular showcasing of new athletes. I’m certainly not one to run with the bookies on every occasion, but as Sherdog advertised a couple of days ago $100 on Cyborg will net you just $7 return. $100 on Tweet will return you $787. I hope, for the sake of the enjoyment of the fans, that I’m proved wrong – but I find it hard to envisage a result other than a lovely addition to Cristiano’s already spectacular highlight reel.

Yes, giants are sometimes slain, but in this instance I doubt WMMA fans will see anything to distract us from the UFC headliner.

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