Superstar Set for Shock Return at UFC 200!

Former World Heavyweight Champion and WWE superstar Brock Lesnar is set to be a shock late inclusion at UFC 200. The news was broken yesterday by Ariel Helwani and was at the centre of all the gossip at UFC 199.

Brock Lesnar departed the UFC at UFC 141, almost five years ago. A once utterly fearsome force devastated by Alastair Overeem in less than two and a half minutes. It appeared diverticulitis had robbed him of that sheer explosiveness which was without precedent in a man of that size. Without it, he simply couldn’t hold down the new breed of heavyweight and, on the feet, he appeared just too big and easy to hit.

After a few years back in the WWE, his health problems now a thing of the past, Lesnar is set to make a shock return at UFC 200. Despite being headlined by a rematch between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones for the UFC World Light Heavyweight title, the card was missing some allure following the postponement of Conor McGregor Vs Nate Diaz, a hole the wrestler’s considerable frame will surely fill.

Don’t expect the Lesnar comeback to be a long-term affair, however, as a statement on the WWE website explained, this will likely be a one-time thing:

“Brock Lesnar remains under contract to WWE, however, he has been granted a one-off opportunity to compete at UFC 200.

“Following this milestone event on July 9, Brock will return to WWE for SummerSlam on Sunday, August 21, live on WWE Network.”

There is thought to be some work to be done before Lesnar’s appearence is made official, not least because an opponent has not been found. However, Mark Hunt recently stated that he was awaiting the call for UFC’s 200th event, and a showdown between two of the sport’s most popular ever heavyweights would surely be huge box-office.

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