Spinning Backfist KO & Inverted Triangle from Bellator 124

The main and co-main event from last night’s Bellator 124 provided some memorable finishes. Let me start with the main event where Emanuel Newton faced an unlikely title challenger in UFC veteran Joey Beltran. We all know how tough ‘The Mexicutioner’ is to finish so that is what makes this finish all the more impressive.

Emanuel Newton def. Joey Beltran via knockout (spinning back fist), round 3, 3:07.

Now to the co-main and probably one of the most impressive submissions in recent memory. Despite finding himself on the bottom while Anundson was in side control trying to land fists and elbow he managed to manoeuvre his legs over to snatch an inverted triangle.

Liam McGeary def. Kelly Anundson via submission (inverted triangle), round 1, 4:40.

GIF’s via “whom” and “GussH” on Reddit MMA.

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