Sonnen believes Aldo will run through McGregor

Conor McGregor has often been likened to Chael Sonnen due to his ability to create hype and sell a fight but to me McGregor has backed it up better.

Sonnen talked himself into fights that he had no right being in. Regardless, he has had supreme confidence in his ability (and his chances). You would think ‘The American Gangster’ would notice that McGregor has the same characteristics and, as a result, would back him no matter who he was fighting.

“I’ve never totally been on the McGregor bandwagon. I love the entertainment value but I don’t necessarily buy into the skillset,” said Sonnen.

“I want to officially go on the record and say I don’t think it is a close fight, I just think Aldo runs through him. And that is not a knock to Conor, I just have that much respect for Aldo.”

Conor McGregor takes on Jose Aldo in the main event of UFC 189.

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