Rowdy Bec Rawlings calls USADA ‘C***s’ ahead of Bellator Dublin. [VIDEO]

Australia’s Bec Rawlings is never short of choice when it comes to her language used, something that has got herself in trouble in the past.

We spoke to Bec yesterday about her Bellator Dublin match up, the mental preparation it takes to be a fighter, the UFC and of course, the one and only, USADA.

Recently Rawlings has been very vocal across social media about her thoughts on the organisation.

This came after her best friend, UFC veteran Jessica Penne, was handed a 4-year suspension from USADA themselves, in an investigation that is still ongoing.

We asked Bec to sum up the anti-doping agency in one word for us, and as you can guess, she came out with this outrageous response.

A few years back, Bec feels her comments and language would have landed herself in some trouble by the UFC, even stating that her slight tattoo addiction was becoming a problem for the leading MMA organisation.

She feels much more at home with Bellator and is relishing the opportunity to perform in front of a Dublin crowd this Saturday.

We can always trust that Bec will give us an entertaining chat that you won’t want to miss.

Check out what else she had to say in the video below.

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