Rollin’ with Burt Watson

Being number one and winning it all is the ultimate goal and the ultimate prize. To win it all and become one, you have to compete. Or do you?

Unless you’ve lived under a rock or on another planet for the past 15 Years, it’s hard to think you haven’t heard of or seen the unbelievable rise of MMA on a national and global stage. Along with the rise of the sport and the appearance of some amazing athletes, a crowded field of promoters and promotions have surfaced, all competing in their various regions with the ultimate aim of being number one.

Over the past 15 Years the sport of MMA has become the largest and fastest growing sport in the world. There are about 75 to 80 promotions putting on shows and establishing their individual presence with enthusiasm. The leader and most aggressive of all MMA promotions and promoters is the UFC. With at least 30 shows a year, contracts with FOX Sports Networks, Pay Per View, contracting a roster of most of the sports premier talent and establishing a huge Fan base, the UFC has clearly established itself in the number one position as the leader.

Just behind the UFC and clearly in the swirl is a group of other MMA promotions and promoters staking claim to various territories. With the UFC on such a fast track and such a humongous swirl, it is not as important to compete as it is to stay consistent and be aggressive in your product and presentation. Here in the US and closely behind the UFC, you have Bellator, WSOF, RFA, LEGACY,CFFC (Cage Fury Fighting Championship) and INVICTA all promotions clearing their niche.

Other Promotions and on an international level, you have M-1 Global (Russia), BAMMA (UK), Jungle Fight (Brazlian) and Pancrase (Japan). All of these promotions national and international are competing in the sport and not necessarily competing against each other. Promoting is a very costly venture that needs the help of a good fan base, a good product, a home base venue, good marketing strategy and the acquisition of a televised produced spot can help lift the promotion to another level. These things in place will increase audience demand which is the reason MMA is now in the mainstream mix on major television networks, Spike, FOX, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, AXS TV to now broadcast these events on national & local TV for the fans enjoyment. Fans everywhere enjoy the sport and enjoy the resources they have to watch their Superstars.

In the UK BAMMA have made history by becoming the most successful promotion to broadcast with not only unprecedented viewing figures but enlisting the support of a mainstream well known broadcaster, Channel Five in addition they are broadcast live via Spike TV. They are the standard bearers by virtue of the fact heir production values, roster and global television footprint is un-matched by any of their nearest rivals some of whom have suffered setbacks and what would appear to be a lack of funding streams.

As a promoter, the UFC has clearly established itself in the number one spot. At this point and the immediate future it would take a major turn of events and or the emergence of a major superstar in another organisation for any immediate change. The one true in all these facts is that MMA is a big enough pie for everyone to get a good slice. It’s only getting bigger. The one constant that runs true to of all promotions is that each promotion always gives the opportunity for any and all fans to interact with any of their favourite MMA Athletes. That’s not competing, that’s real smart business.

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