Rollin’ with Burt Watson: Losing Never an Option

Rule number 1 finish the task / winning…rule number 2 losing never an option. The pressure of winning for sure is two times heavier than the daily regiment of training and conditioning. Winning at home and in front of your home town fans takes that amount of pressure to a whole another level.

As a fighter you train and train and then you practice your craft. You repeat it and do the same things in training, every fight and every event, until it becomes routine. You then make adjustments where needed as you attempt to perfect and hone your skills.

You can prepare yourself for the training and the excitement of going to camp. You’re so excited ’cause you got a fight. You usually sacrifice your body and your mind for the process of cutting weight. I’ve seen first hand that cutting Weight is sometimes tougher for most fighters than the actual fight. You work hard putting all things together because you know for sure it will take you to victory and winning your fight. As you prepare yourself, you’re always hoping to get the chance and wondering, what it will be like to perform at any level for your fans. Even more special in front of the hometown crowd.

Whatever you do or however you do it, you can never, practice, prepare, train or condition yourself for losing whilst winning is the only option. Either way, either one of these is the only part of the process that effects both you and the fans at the same time. It’s the only part of the process you and the fan share at the same time.

For the most part Fans are ecstatic and happy when you’re winning. But are just as surprised and even more disappointed when you’re losing. The experience of an unexpected loss for most fans is hard to understand and usually lasts sometimes beyond the next fight. Everything then is up for questions and then criticism.

Ya Knowwwww…this sounds like the exact same thing the fighter goes thru when and if he or she doesn’t get it done. Both fighter and fan again sharing the same thing at the same time.. It’s not just a fan thang, but it’s OK, It’s all a part of the process.

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