Rollin’ with Burt Watson: Fight Music

Music is truly…truly the international language. Music has been the one thing for me during fight week that let fighters and everyone else know, I was in the building and the energy was there for everyone to share.

From James Brown to Stevie Wonder, when you heard the beats, You knew it was “Time to Rollll”. It didn’t matter if you came in from China, Japan, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Russia or Korea, when you heard my music, you knew it was on and it was fight week in full blast. Music is the one thing that needed no translation and no explanation..

From the early 60’s on up to present day, I’ve always made music a basic part of my daily routine, my source of communication and spot on my daily source of energy. It’s always time to jam. When I roll my playlist in the office during fight week or blasting it loud at my pre-weigh-ins, it spreads the love and the energy for real. It starts the day and makes it go the right way.

Having experienced four generations of music, global crossover and the world wide generational acceptance of Rap, all my music and the tunes I have on my playlist live on and are somehow understood by all. So much of today’s music is sample music so there is a little bit of every generation across the board.

Music for me has been as peanut butter is to jelly, bread is to butter, Pretzel is to mustard and poppin is to corn. Along with the energy it gives, music through its melodies and its lyrics, expresses for all, what you’re thinking and sometimes what you feeling.

Here are six tunes on my playlist that say a lot about what I’m sometimes thinking and how I’m sometimes feeling. Here’s also the reason why these tunes are special.

James Brown – Takin Loud and Sayin Nothing
This line says it all “People are sometimes like a dull knife, they just keep cuttin’, talkin’ loud and sayin’ nuttin”

Stevie Wonder – Heaven Help Us All
Loved his line “Heaven help the child that won’t reach 21, heaven help the man who gave that child a gun”

Bobby Brown – My Prerogative
It’s all in the hook baby, says it all. “Everybody talkin’ all this stuff, why don’t they just let me live”

Bobby Womack – Nobody Wants You When You’re Down and Out
“Ever get my hands on a dollar again, gonna hold on till the bitter end”

James Taylor – Smiling Face
“No-one has to tell me that I’m feeling strong today”

Bill Withers – Lovely Day
“When I wake up in the morning and the sunlight hits my eyes, then I look at you and the worlds all right with me”

2Pac – How Do U Want It
Just close your eyes, listen to it and groove to the beat baby.

It’s said that music can sooth the soul and the beast in us all. I believe it also makes us rock and it’s my prerogative. On my selections at some point in my life and my career I could take anyone of them and explain life’s speed bumps!

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