Pendred on Punk: “he’s kind of the laughing stock of the UFC.”

In a recent blog post for the Irish Mirror Cathal Pendred weigh-in on his recent twitter spat with former WWE superstar turned MMA fighter CM Punk.

Tuesday evening the two went back and forth slinging some fine insults at one another (if you missed it then click here to get the good parts).

Pendred shared his thoughts on Punk jumping from pro-wrestling to Mixed Martial Arts.

“This former pro wrestling guy, CM Punk, posted a video of himself in training on Tuesday, preparing for his UFC debut. But he’s kind of the laughing stock of the UFC. He’s gone from wrestling, with it’s scripted theatrics, into MMA, a legitimate, highly-skilled sport,” he wrote. “I’ve no major objection to him, even if a stuntman entering this highly-skilled sport is the equivalent of me wanting to become a pro footballer and joining Man United.”

The Dubliner also pointed out that he recognizes this is a smart business decision that will only help bring in some revenue while also recognizing that a potential fight with Punk would also be a good business move on his part. And he also believe this twitter beef could potentially lead to a fight between them.

“It’s a weird situation but I can understand from a business perspective why the UFC are going with it. He’s a very famous WWE figure in the States and has already brought a lot of attention to the business.

“A hell of a lot of UFC fighters have been calling him out, trying to organise a fight with him because there’s a lot of bucks in it given he’s such high a profile draw. He’s ignored them all, so the fact he got onto me makes me think he might fancy himself against me, which is quite funny in truth. I’d love it. It would be a bit of fun.”

You can catch the full blog here, which is a good read.

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