Norman Parke’s open letter to Joe Lauzon

Norman Parke has been long after a fight with veteran Joe Lauzon and recently things got slightly heated between the two. It became clear that Lauzon did not appreciate Parke’s tweets and proceeded in blocking the Irish MMA star. Some extra words were shared between the lightweights and this has resulted in Parke laying all his cards on the table and challenging Lauzon to fight with some added fight stipulation.

Without further ado here is Norman Parke’s open letter to Joe Lauzon (released exclusively through #WHOATV):

“Dear Mr. Joe Lauzon,

I am disheartened by your blocking of me on Twitter. You have always been a fighter I admired and love to watch. You come to fight and I respect that. It is for that very reason that I wish to fight you. So many fighters in the UFC are happy to fight for a decision win.  
I see no reason for this fight not to happen. You lost your last fight, as have I, so neither of us can claim to be above the other right now. If you think I am not in your league I would like to point out I am 4-1-1 in the UFC since 2012 while you are 3-4 during the same period.
I have contacted Joe Silva expressing my desire to fight you. I am not sure of your medical clearance after getting badly TKO’d in your last fight but UFC on FOX 15 is taking place in New Jersey, not too far from Boston, on April 18. Failing that I would happily fight you anywhere at anytime.
I also propose a special stipulation to our fight. If neither of us secures a finish then both of us shall proceed in giving our fight purses to the Jimmy Fund. At the same time I propose that we set up a donation page so that fans who are looking to see this fight can donate (towards the Jimmy Fund). Also after what is sure to be a brutal and bloody encounter we can frame our fight gloves & shorts and auction them off with the money earned going towards the very same charity.
If you wish to accept then unblock me on Twitter and tweet me.
I look forward to your response.
Kind Regards,
‘Stormin’ Norman Parke
norman parke

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