No man is an Island

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has continued to make attempts to open Fight Island to host fights featuring international talent on the island. To that end, the UFC has continually engaged the United States Patent and Trademark Office to file various trademarks, both for “UFC Fight Island” and “Fight Island”. Josh Gerben first got wind of this exciting news and shared it on the social platform, Twitter. In his tweet, he noted that UFC’s parent company, Zuffa, had already filed for about twenty-two trademarks at the time for the two UFC terms. Interestingly, the plan to move UFC fights to the island was occasioned by the current health pandemic namely the coronavirus.

A plan is expected to address the travel bans issued by various countries which have made it difficult for fighters to move around, especially international fighters. According to TMZ, the idea is to secure a private island in which scheduled international UFC events can take place. Once this plan is fully executed, punters will be able to wager on UFC matches through websites such as kasyno online

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the UFC to take such measures to continue doing their events while staying within the provisions of the law during the status quo. Even though there had initially been talks about ‘Fight Island’ before, the pandemic has made UFC speed up their plans. This has been fueled by the shutdown of the original UFC 249 which was caused by ESPN requesting the organization to stop promoting their events in California, the hardest-hit state by the coronavirus outbreak.  

The UFC president has been very confident in the past weeks about the island and has gone ahead to state on April 10th that the fight island is sure to happen. According to Mr. White, the plan has already been set in motion with all the infrastructure being put in place now. He further went on to state that the UFC will then proceed to find a way to book flights for the fighters and even ship them to commence their training early enough. 

All said and done, the ‘fight island’ should be open for business in about a month from now so that the UFC can engage its normal business and events. 


The UFC, led by President Dana White, is working hard towards restoring some if not all the events that were previously held in mainland USA. The ‘fight island’ is expected to provide a convenient environment and atmosphere where fighters can train and participate in matches while reducing the risk of contracting or spreading the virus. Not only will this bring back the entertainment that UFC is capable and known to provide, but it will also reopen the avenue for punters to make some extra income through betting platforms like kasyno online. 

We can of course look forward to a stacked night of fights when the rescheduled UFC 249 takes place in Florida on 8th of May.

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