Nate Diaz Brawls With Guida at UFC 199

Nate Diaz may finally have been confirmed to rematch with Conor McGregor at UFC 202, but he doesn’t appear to be changing his ways to ensure he actually makes it to the bout, with reports that he fought with Jason Guida backstage at UFC 199.

The Diaz brothers are famed for being just as up for a fight outside the Octagon as in it. One of the most notable examples being an extraordinary brawl which erupted after team mate Jake Shields defeated Dan Henderson at Strikeforce: Nashville in 2010 when Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller entered the cage to taunt them.

It seems that the intervening years have not quelled this instinct in Diaz who is alleged to have been involved in a fight with light-heavyweight Jason Guida, whose brother, Clay Guida, was fighting on the UFC 199 card. The story was confirmed by Evan Rodner, who is producer of The Fighter and the Kid podcast which features Brendan Schaub. He told;

“It looked like Nate Diaz got into an altercation with Jason Guida, Clay Guida’s older brother. I have no idea what it was over, but all of a sudden there were a ton of bodies entering the tunnels in the back. After the scuffle had ended, Diaz walked back into the arena as though nothing had happened. He didn’t give one single fuck.”

The elder Guida brother is a 49-fight veteran of the sport and former All-American wrestler. He has form for causing trouble outside the cage, too, having preciously got into a scuffle with former UFC fighter Sean McCorkle at UFC 123.

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