Myles Price: ‘Calling me a traitor insinuates that McGregor represents Ireland’

Myles Price vs Peter Queally is widely considered by many to be the people’s main event for the Bellator Ireland card that will take place on February 23rd in Dublin. It’s a fight card headed by fan favourite James Gallagher who’ll take on Steven Graham. Quealy has been very vocal on his opinion of Price, taking to Twitter and other platforms to air his views. Even though Price hardly uses social media, as he explains, Queally’s attempts to drum him out of town have been duly noted. “Peter Queally is bombarding me all over social media calling me a ‘rat’ and a ‘traitor’.” He said.  Laughing Price continues, “I do feel he feeds off that for his confidence. I just stay within my bubble and focus on the fight and I just laugh at him to be honest.”

The fight has been in the making for a while. Various MMA promotions within Europe have attempted to put this on. It’s timely that this has now has been made at the height of what appears to be festering animosity between the two athletes. Price, though his words portray someone who is emotionally detached from what appears to be a brewing feud on many levels, is audibly not willing to indulge in a back and forth exchange with Queally.

“We were was supposed to fight on Battle Zone years ago. We all have pullouts and things like that. I never heard the reason why he pulled out I’m sure he had his reasons,” Price said cryptically. “He’s a very good fighters so I’m just glad it’s happening.”

Having previously been a part of the SBG pro team Price will have insight into the inner workings of the fight team. Having sparred extensively with Conor McGregor it’s more than likely his addition to the Khabib Nurmagomedov fight camp prior to the clash between the two added yet another reason for Queally to amplify his dislike for Price. Price is keen to establish that his time spent at SBG was well before the latest incarnation of the ‘Notorious’ one. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the pro team at SBG,” he said. “My SBG experience was a great one. John Kavanaugh is a great coach. I just wasn’t a very stable young man at that time, I didn’t have my s–t together and was not turning up to training so I decided it best for the team to leave.”

“I had already booked to go over to AKA before any match up had been confirmed. How can I be called a ‘traitor’ or ‘rat’ if I am just trying to better myself by going to the best in the world to wrestle with high level guys?”

Being constantly called a traitor and a rat by Queally and having his patriotism questioned has Price asking questions of his own in the course of our interview. “Calling me a traitor insinuates that Conor McGregor represents Ireland.” Leaving a prolonged silence before continuing perhaps added a bit of impact to his point as he concludes,  “Conor has openly stated that he only represents himself. He represents who he is as a person. He doesn’t represent Ireland he represents Conor McGregor at the end of the day. This patriotic thing it’s admirable from an outside perspective. I don’t see countries or flags I just see people.”

“It’s one rule for one and another rule for another. I’m not from their team and that’s why they are pointing the finger at me. If I’m a ‘traitor’ and a ‘rat’ what does that make Artem? If he’s from Russia and he’s training within the team and the same with Tom Egan who left SBG to train overseas. Before I left AKA there’s a couple of SBG guys that have actually gone over to train at AKA. I’m not going to name any names but what does that make them then?”

Not content with leaving the point there Price further backs up his assertion by urging people to take a closer look at the facts seemingly convinced that the points raised by Queally are a likely distraction and containing several red herrings. Price said, “He wants to draw in the patriotic Irish crowd. It’s not the facts of the matter if you look into it, it’s hypocritical, it’s not the actual truth and if he wants to get emotionally invested to the point where he wants to throw the Irish flag at me and call me a ‘traitor’ and a ‘rat’ then so be it, but that’s not who I am and that’s the bottom line of it.”

When looking at future opponents who he could face in the course of his lucrative fight contract with Bellator it appears several other SBG names are being quietly considered. Just like his friend Joe McColgan, Miles has his eye on becoming somewhat of an ‘SBG Hunter’ himself.  “I’ll fight anyone from SBG in the lightweight division I could match up quite well with Pedro Carvalho.  I’d  also love a fight against Richie Smullen. He’s a nice guy, he is a cool character, but I feel we’d match up quite nicely and have a good scrap. Anyone who is a lightweight within SBG…just bring ’em on!”

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