MMA fighters and their celebrity lookalikes

Last weekend at UFC Mexico Ricardo Lamas was doing the press rounds showing off his impression of Robert De Niro (see above) and that got me thinking of what other UFC fighters have celebrity lookalikes.

First up I have to get the obvious out of the way, Rich Franklin and Ace Ventura. It is said that the former middleweight champ actually got his nickname of ‘Ace’ from the Jim Carrey movies.


Conor McGregor likes to tell Cub Swanson that he looks like Hans Moleman from The Simpsons and when you put the two side-by-side you can actually see the resemblance.


The next one speaks for itself. Bigfoot Silva with his large head and jawline makes for an uncanny similar appearance to that of the Heads from Easter Island.


This one is a spanner in the works. Kenny Florian is known to bare a striking resemblance to that of Ben Stiller but we also think that he kinda also looks like Alf too.


When Gabe Gonzaga puts in that mouth guard and flares those nostrils he holds similar facial traits to that of Chief Wiggum.


Last, but certainly not least, is my personal favourite: CB Dollaway and actor Evan Jones. Both have the exact same facial feature of, well, if you saw the movie Jarhead you would get what I mean…squishy face.


Thank you for reading. If you have anymore suggestions for MMA lookalikes or any qualms to any of the above then please let us know on our facebook page.

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