McGregor could be facing Chad Mendes at UFC 189

What a week in MMA. Two evenings ago we learned of a rib injury sustained by Jose Aldo and we all anxiously waited and clung onto our phones to hear what was actually going to happen with the main event of UFC 189.

number of fighters threw their hats into the ring and a number of conspiracy theories were stated but during the night it was revealed that Aldo would still be fighting. Queue a sigh of relief for MMA fans around the world and the army of Irish fans spending thousands in order to head over to Vegas to support their fellow countryman in Conor McGregor.

In a blog post for the McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, revealed that it is not set in stone that Aldo vs. McGregor is still happening and that Chad Mendes will be waiting in the wings.

“It’s still Aldo for now, but if it turns out that he’s unable to compete when the time comes, Chad Mendes is in line to step in and fight Conor for an interim title instead,” Kavanagh said. “Whether the opponent is Jose Aldo or Chad Mendes, either way it’s for a UFC belt at 145lbs in Las Vegas on 11 July.”

Kavanagh offered a further explanation into the process of what could happen the day before the fight.

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission could stop this fight against Aldo on weigh-in day — the day before the fight. That’s when the pre-fight medicals are done. Aldo might still want it but the doctor can say no if he doesn’t believe he’s fit to compete. Then it’s basically out of the hands of Aldo, ourselves and the UFC. Enter Chad Mendes.”

Mendes has been asked to make weight and he’ll be there, so it could be him stepping on the scales instead of Aldo for all we know.”

You can read the full post right here.


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