McGregor adopted a hands-off approach for his TUF 22 Team

With TUF 22: Team USA vs. Team Europe kicking off this Wednesday we hear a few words from the coach of Team Europe about his approach to helping his team. Rather than sit in, coach them and teach them McGregor said he is there to ‘bring eyes to the screen’ for them and give them a platform to essentially gain exposure.

Alan’s Angle: In over twenty seasons we have seen just about every approach to the coaching aspect of The Ultimate Fighter from a very hands on Ronda Rousey to ‘chicken salad’ Brock Lesnar. From hearing what McGregor says in the above video the first thing that springs to mind is Ken Shamrock’s stint as coach on TUF 3.

But when you delve further into what The Notorious is saying you begin to understand his point of view. This is not 2005 anymore where fighters are blessed with a chance of training in a top facility with solid guys and coaches around them. The game has evolved a hell of a lot since then. Fighters, like McGregor said, should be coming into TUF ready to go. Not much can be learned in six weeks at that level. Especially when you could be fighting 3 or 4 times. However, it will be interesting to see how McGregor addresses the tactical and game planning aspect of the show, if at all.

It’s a very unique approach and only time will tell whether or not it is the right one.

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