Mayweather on McGregor: “I don’t take that dude seriously”

Conor McGregor made headlines recently after it was said that the Irishman would destroy boxing great Floyd Mayweather in under 30 seconds.

Que the uproar, jeering and pitchforks.

It is the same thing we have heard over and over again. Many fighters from both sides of the coin have spoke out about beating their counterparts in the other sport.

But it in all honesty a top professional MMA fighter will beat a top professional boxer the majority (damn you Tim Sylvia) of the time at MMA and vice versa in boxing, that is just fact.

One person not taking the comments made by McGregor too seriously is Mayweather himself suggesting that ‘The Notorious’ is just trying to get some cheap publicity.

“I don’t take that dude seriously. He’s just trying to get himself some publicity,” he told TMZ Sports.

Alan’s Angle: I don’t blame fighters for saying they could beat those from the other sport. At the end of the day they are all professionals in combat sports and should be supremely confident in their own ability plus it does get people talking. I just wish people and fans would stop reacting in a shocked way when they hear “‘X’ MMA fighter said he could beat ‘Y’ boxer,” the horror.

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