Mayhem Miller Misses Venator 3 Weight By 24 Pounds

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller risked turning Italian promotion Venator 3 into a farce yesterday when he turned up at the weigh-in at 209 lbs. A full 24 lbs over the limit for his fight with Luke Barnatt.

Many people questioned the wisdom of choosing an unreliable- possibly borderline liability- fighter like UFC and Bellator vet Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller for a European MMA card’s main event. However, despite the fears of many, Miller did make it to the weigh-in in Italy. There wasn’t even the lingering threat of arrest in the building, as is increasingly the norm with the former reality TV star. He did, however, show up two weight-classes too high.

His prospective opponent- the 6ft 5″ Luke Barnatt- looked lean on the scales at the alloted 185. ‘Mayhem’ refused to cut anymore initally and, despite-according to Ariel Helwani- being offered 30% of Miller’s purse plus and additional £5k, ‘Bigslow’ had no interest in fighting Miller at such an exaggerated weight.

Fortunately for the promoter, however, both men will do battle later today, albeit with different opponents. ‘Mayhem’ did eventually make 205, and will face off with Mattia Schivalion, while Luke Barnatt is set to face replacement Stefan Croituru.

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