Louis Smolka silences Dublin crowd with a win over Holohan

Although we did not have our original main event of Joseph Duffy vs. Dustin Poirier the men who stepped up to the plate really put on an excellent display for the Irish fans.

It was an outstanding grappling match between Paddy Holohan and Louis Smolka in the first round as they rolled and exchanged positions from d’arce, to a twister, to the back, to side control and more. On the feet in the first round Smolka had the advantage and landed a number clean hooks to the chin of Holohan but the Irishman took them well.

The second round started much like how the first ended with the two trading punches. That was until Holohan went for the takedown but ended up on Smolka’s back with a body triangle locked on. Calm and collect Smolka worked his way out of it and went for a submission of his own nearly getting a standing guillotine but Holohan escaped. Smolka remained in top control and reigned down punches and elbow, got mount and then the back of Holohan. From there he locked in the rear naked choke.

This is Smolka’s second win over Irish opposition and he has now won his last three fights in the UFC. Holohan drops to 3-2 inside the Octagon.

Check out our pre fight interview with Smolka:

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