Lewandowski: ‘Max Nunes will never get this opportunity to compete in KSW again!’

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote how Max ‘Power’ Nunes always seemed to look fight ready in the last 12 months. After being offered what some have claimed to be arguably his biggest pay day to date Nunes, on the day of weigh-ins has no showed.

He was due to face a tough opponent, Wagner Prado, his toughest clash to date. Whilst his opponent was coming into the fight on a wave of intimidation bourne out of his last impressive victory it’s baffling why Nunes has not been forthcoming with his reasoning for his no show. At the time of writing this in haste I reached out to Nunes who has yet to reply.

Equally keen for a response is KSW main man Martin Lewendowski. When I reached out to him for comment he was of course understandably irate as he responded,”This is probably the most unprofessional thing I’ve seen in 15 years of promoting fights in KSW. If you don’t want to fight then don’t accept the fight. If something is up or if something happened just let us know, we will listen and there will be no issues.”

Continuing he said,”To just send a text message two days before the fight is unacceptable. It’s not fair on his opponent Wagner Prado and it’s not fair on the fans who wanted to see that fight.

Max will never get this opportunity to compete in KSW again. We can’t take this risk with him. He had this great opportunity and he blew it, unfortunately.”

KSW 45 Fight Card, which takes place at London’s SSE Arena now looks like this:

Heavyweight Title
Phil De Fries (c) vs. Karol Bedorf

Heavyweight: Popek Monster vs. Erko Jun

Welterweight Title
Dricus Du Plessis (c) vs. Roberto Soldic

Opening Round of Middleweight Tournament
Michal Materla vs. Damian Janikowski
Scott Askham vs. Marcin Wojcik

Heavyweight: James McSweeney vs. Thiago Silva

Heavyweight: Wagner Prado vs. Lukasz Parobiec

Light Heavyweight: Akop Szostak vs. Jamie Sloane

Lightweight: Alfie Davis vs. Leszek Krakowski

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