Lee Chadwick: ‘This isn’t gonna be the first time I’ve taken someone’s 0’

New Bellator signing Lee ‘The Butcher’ Chadwick (24-13-1) has fought a virtual who’s who of mixed martial artists on a variety of fight promotions. Speaking to me, after what sounds like a grueling days sparring, Chadwick is, not surprisingly, excited for his first assignment against Fabian Edwards (5-0-0) in Newcastle next year and for the opportunity to fight on Bellator.

However, the California based promotion wasn’t the only promotion Chadwick was considering when looking at his next steps as he tells me, “We were originally in negotiations with the UFC,” he said, “I’m 33 years old and I’ve a good few years in me and I didn’t want to be waiting around for the opportunity to present itself. Bellator have offered me a good contract in the meantime, a lot more than what I was getting with Cage Warriors.”

Followers of Chadwick will have no doubt noticed the back and forth exchanges between him and the outspoken rising star that is Fabian Edwards. It’s a match up that has people talking and is an exciting addition to an already stacked card. As ‘The Butcher’ is keen to point out he is more than capable of handling this beef and it’s a match up he pushed for once he had signed his deal with the promotion.

“I was tagged into a post by WHOATV before I was signed,”Chadwick said. “I looked at the post and all the names he said he would run through. Shipman, Me, Mousasi etc and he also said anyone can get it and I thought…’that’s a bit disrespectful.’ Hes fought no one that has given him a test. I’ve the experience, ability and the cage craft to beat him.”

Whilst Chadwick is the veteran in this match up he has clearly mulled over a game plan already. Edwards’s unbeaten record clearly appears to be an inspiration to putting on an emphatic finish which will draw on his experience as he explains, “I feel I can surprise myself and knock him out. I usually go in without a plan but I’m prepared for everything given my experience.

I think he really believes his words. He believes in himself but he hasn’t been tested. He’s not experienced losing a couple of minutes within a fight then coming back with a win which I have. He hasn’t tasted defeat and come back from a loss. He doesn’t phase me as he clearly has never researched me when he says he will knock me out. I’ve never been KO’d in either sparring or on fight night. I’ve spoiled a few people’s parties in the past, I’ve been beating people in the top 20 and top 10 opponents for years. This isn’t gonna be the first time I’ve taken someone’s 0″

Another refreshing thing about Lee that hasn’t changed is his firm eye on the future. From all accounts those coming onto the roster have been signed for the Nathan Greyson coined phrase ‘Violent Money’. As Chadwick enthuses this offers the opportunity for longevity in the sport, to be kept busy and to make substantial progress towards making MMA his only vocation.

“Now I can earn life changing money for my family. For once I can actually rely on a company to pay my bills. Looking to the future I’ve got the the Bellator world title in my head and all I need is a few good wins and then a shot at the title.” Chadwick concludes, “First Fabian has got a big mouth so let’s see if he can back it up.”

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