Lamas suggests McGregor is being sheltered from wrestlers by his team

Normally a fighter stays quiet for a while after a big win but not Ricardo Lamas. The 32-year-old had a lot to say about possible future opponent Conor McGregor.

Speaking with MMA Junkie the former title contender pointed out the fact that McGregor has yet to face a wrestler and offers a theory why suggesting that his team are in the ear of the UFC.

“He’s had a lot of smart things to say on Twitter, and that didn’t go unnoticed by me, so it’s time for the UFC to give him a wrestler and stop protecting him from wrestlers,” he said. “Maybe get his people to stop asking the UFC to not match him up with wrestlers.”

The ‘smart things’ on Twitter Lamas is referring to are the following tweets:

mcgregor lamas

But Lamas bit back telling MMA Junkie that the Irishman is unoriginal and is attempting to copy Chael Sonnen.

“McGregor Incorporated, that sounds a lot like what Chael Sonnen used to do when he was talking about the ‘United Fans of Chael,’ and ‘Chael Enterprises’ in cooperation with the UFC is bringing you this fight,” Lamas said. “The guy isn’t original. I think he sits and watches other fighters and takes notes on what they say and then just regurgitates it.”

Alan’s Angle: I highly doubt McGregor’s team ask the UFC for non-wrestlers but more the UFC are protecting their investment by not throwing a wrestler at the Irishman. There is always a chance that a wrestler will take the wet blanket approach for 3 or 5 rounds to sneak a decision. I have no doubt in my mind McGregor is one of the best around at featherweight and would take on anybody but there is always that chance that he loses. If that happens then the UFC’s ‘McGregor push’ loses some momentum and they certainly don’t want that golden goose to stop laying eggs. Safe and smart business move by the UFC.

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