Ken Shamrock talks about the Kimbo fight, slams Joe Rogan

It has become one of the most infamous MMA sagas in the sport’s short history. Earlier this year 51-year-old Ken Shamrock and former backyard brawler Kimbo Slice finally stepped in the cage years after their originally bout was scrapped due to Shamrock receiving a cut the day of the fight.

The fight itself was short and filled with some sport drama straight out of a movie. Shamrock got Kimbo’s back and had a rear-naked choke locked on tight but the former street fighter fought through it, got back to his feet and TKO’d the MMA veteran. Many didn’t see the fight as legitimate and it split opinions in the MMA world.

In the aftermath of the fight Bobby Razak has just released the following interview with Shamrock himself where he speaks about the fight and addressed those who suggested the fight was a fix.

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