Joe Rogan Confirms New UFC Deal on Podcast [Video]

Long time UFC commentator Joe Rogan put to rest speculation about his future with the promotion, confirming he has accepted a new one year deal while in conversation with Jeremy Stephens on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Many MMA fans do not even remember a time when Joe Rogan was not the voice of colour commentary for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A lifelong martial artist, the comedian made his first appearance for the promotion in 1997, eventually sitting alongside Mike Goldberg in his now-familiar commentary position in 2002, where he was remained ever since.

However, during those 14 years his career outside the promotion has sky-rocketed. He is one of the most in-demand stand-up comics in the United States, has hosted a number of television programmes, in addition to presenting his own extremely successful podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

This additional workload had seen Rogan openly question whether he would continue his commentary work for the UFC, even going so far as to say he would leave at the end of his contract should the promotion go ahead with its now confirmed sale. But on his podcast this week he confirmed he would work with them for at least one more year.

Speaking with UFC featherweight Jeremy Stephens, in addition to discussing a host of MMA related topics- including training methods and PEDs in sport- the BJJ blackbelt said:

“I signed for at least one more year. I was on the fence man, I just do too much s**t. I’m too f**king busy. I don’t know if I’m doing myself or all the other things I do a disservice…

“…I had a conversation with Dana, we had a bunch of conversations. What I decided to do was no more international travel. No more flying across the planet.”

The last 18 months have increasingly seen non-numbered events covered by former fighters Kenny Florian and Brian Stann, while UK audiences are accustomed to seeing a commentary team of John Gooden and Dan hardy for events in Northern Europe.

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