JDS Calls Out Brock Lesnar after UFC 200 Upset

Brock Lesnar went off script and dominated veteran kickboxer Mark Hunt with his wrestling at UFC 200 en route to a UD win. This immediately attracted the attention of top UFC heavyweights including former champ, Junior Dos Santos.

Most people gave Mark Hunt the advantage going into his fight with Brock, largely due to the length of time the giant wrestler had been out of the game. However, he stuck to his core grappling skills at UFC 200, and claimed a clear unanimous decision over three rounds.

Lesnar may not be the highest level of fighter anymore, but he is a huge PPV draw, and anyone facing him can expect a huge pay-cheque. As such, a number of fighters have called out Lesnar, none more impressive than former Heavyweight World Champion, Junior Dos Santos.

The Brazilian is coming of a win against Ben Rothwell, and may well see Lesnar as a big pay-day prior to a title shot, although he may not get the chance if Lesnar returns- as anticipated- to pro-wrestling after his unexpected victory over Hunt.

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