I’m putting him to sleep in the first round – Michael Cutting

Saturday 7th June at the O2 Guildhall in Southampton, Michael ‘Gip’ Cutting (5-1) will make his debut for promotion BAMMA for part of their ‘Fight Night’ Series.

Cutting a 23-year-old father of two who lives in Andover, Hampshire, started Mixed Martials Arts at the age of 17 “I started because I had anger issues and liked watching martial arts films. I wanted some discipline from the sport”.  In May 2008, he went down to his local club, KYOUKEN MMA in Andover and started channelling all his aggression into the newfound love of Mixed Martial Arts, training in traditional jiu jitsu and MMA. Training for two years, he then had his first amateur fight in 2010 which was against Nick Parcker for which he realised he had a talent for the sport.

Speaking of Cutting’s fighting career, like with all things, you learn not to believe everything you read on the internet as it is not always correct, so I ask Mike to break down the record that Sherdog.com holds for him as a fighter, which is 4-2, and the one which is he states is correct at 5-1.

Mike explains, “The fight with Russell Peacock was a Semi-Pro fight, therefore should not be on my Pro record. October 5th 2013 I fought ‘Sugar’ Shane Mansfield in Swindon on a show called Fightclub does CAGED for The International Fightclub Championship Title.  I won due to a Verbal Submission of an armbar 3mins 06secs in the 3rd round, the promoter of that event still appears not to of sent the results of to Sherdog.com to get my record updated so unless people actually ask me for my record you will only ever get what is on the internet”.

Throughout Cutting’s fighting career, he has fought at various weight categories including 70kg, 66kg, and 61kg but now has his sights firmly on the bantamweight division “This is my home till I reach the top of the rankings”.

Being able to train full time as a full time fighter is a privilege in itself, especially when you have a team member like Alexei Roberts to train with. Getting to find out that you both will be on the same card together, must also be nice that both of you will be in training camp together, being able to push and motivate one another “It’s awesome when you have the BOOM in the room and on camp with you”.

Winning Gold in The English World Jiu Jitsu Championships in 2013 in the 67kg Division appears to have put Cutting back onto a winning streak. Since his last loss to Aaron Blackwell on May 18th 2013  when Blackwell won the ITC 8 Bantamweight Title after a five round fight, he then won the International Fightclub Championship Belt against ‘Sugar’ Shane Mansfield due to a Verbal Submission of an Armbar 3mins 06secs in the 3rd round. His most recent win was against Jason Jenkins who he defeated via Inverted Heel Hook 2mins 28secs Round one which was very impressive and yet another submission win on his record, 3 RNC 1 Armbar 1 Inverted Heel Hook.

You are going to be fighting Ed Arthur on June 7th in Southampton at The O2 Guildhall for promotion BAMMA, how does it feel to be fighting on one of the UK’s biggest promotions “It’s a true privilege to be fighting on a big platform”.  Ed Arthur is not only unbeaten in his pro record 3-0 he has also won all six of his amateur fights, does this put any added pressure on you in anyway at all or does it not bother you? “It doesn’t bother me, I’m better than him, in all areas, this is my fight and I’m taking the win”

It’s pretty fair to say that Ed Arthur definitely is not one to hang around come fight night, he usually comes in and majority of his fights are over within the first round, the exception being his last fight which went into the third round, do you see this fight going the distance? “I’m putting him to sleep in the first round, sleep tight”.

For the first time BAMMA will also have Amateur fights on the same fight card to start off the show, this will include another Team KYOUKEN Member Andy Hannon, so it appears Team Kyouken will be having your own little family unit up in the O2 Guildhall come fight night, let alone your family and fans. In closing Cutting does not mince his words as he offers “I would like to thank my sponsor IMPACT LPA, all the team at kyouken, my family and friends and thanks to ED ARTHUR for the easy win”

PHOTO CREDIT: Huw Fairclough at Short & Round

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