“I am the Black Conor McGregor” – Mousah vs Price on BAMMA 22

BAMMA 22, which sees the promotion make its historic debut in Dublin, Ireland, is beginning to take shape with another bout set to be announced very soon, this time in the promotions 155lb division.

Kane “The Danger” Mousah is set to make his BAMMA debut against Irish fighter Myles “Magic” Price who trains out of Team Ryano.

#WHOATV caught up with Mousah and can exclusively confirm the first prelim on the BAMMA 22 fight will mark Mousah’s return to the cage after a 13 month layoff. An injury to his knee has left him on the sidelines but now he has the bout agreement signed, Mousah is ready to make a huge impact at BAMMA 22.

“I am 150% ready for this. Im at the stage of my career now where I have just turned 29 and realistically I have probably got another five years left to perform. Now is the time that I need to make a statement.”

“I have been hurting inside from wanting to fight, it has been horrible sitting on the sidelines. My time is now so we will just have to see, I am just hopeful that Myles Price can give me a good fight and test me.”

Like Mousah, Price has also been out of action for a long time having last competed at Cage Warriors 63 in December 2013. Price is the more experienced fighter of the two having thirteen professional bouts under his belt, going 8-5 so far.

So is Price a high enough calibre of fighter to not only welcome Mousah back into the cage but get Mousah into a position where he can be calling for a title shot with a solid win?

“You know I feel he has fought decent guys and lost against the good guys, he is an opponent who has never been able to step up against the good guys. This is going to be another one of those occasions where he gets tested against another good guy and loses.”

“I am the black Conor McGregor! My mentality is just a no give mentality. I will not back down and he has proved that he has already given in the cage so I know that he has that in him. He is a worthy opponent who is experienced and pretty well known.”

This fight for Mousah also brings a couple of added pressures with ring rust being one and hometown advantage for Price being another. However, neither of these factors seems to alter Mousah’s confidence though going into #BAMMA22.

“I have come to the understanding that there is no need to rush things in the cage. You have fifteen minutes and if you rush the first five you still have ten to go. I will just take my time and if the opportunity arises I know I am blessed with natural killer instincts to finish the fight.”

“The pressure will be on both of us but probably a little more on him as he is the home fighter. The Irish crowd being the passionate bunch they are will bring more pressure on him. But this is my comeback fight and my debut for BAMMA so I think we will both equally share the pressure.”

The 155lb division at BAMMA is arguably one of the most talent filled divisions in the promotion at current with the likes of Andre Winner, Martin Stapleton & Colin Fletcher to name but a few of the guys vowing to get to the top of the 155lb heap.

While Mousah is aware of the risks of fighting in a division so stacked with top talent there really is just one man on his mind after this fight with Price.

“The roster is crazy and this division is a very dangerous place to be. There is nobody in the division that I am afraid of. They may be more experienced than me and a bit more active but at the end of the day everyone is human. Im realistic in life, anything can happen in this sport and im not saying someone won’t catch me with something lucky. You see big named fighters get silenced all the time, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.”

“The fight with Marc Diakese is a fight I want and a fight that the fans want. Let’s get Myles out of the way and then I will be knocking on Marc’s door. I know he will be but he needs to keep himself sharp. I am highly confident that any opponent I come against will struggle to put me away.”

Mousah was due to compete at BAMMA 17 against Marc Diakese but suffered an injury in the lead up to the fight training jiu jitsu and was forced to withdraw. While Mousah has been on the sidelines since, Diakese has gone on to win the BAMMA Lonsdale Lightweight Title, albeit not in the most impressive fashion according to Mousah.

“Marc has the ability to make any fight boring. Against Jack (McGann) he just pushed him up against the cage and he was able to get under Jack’s hips. Don’t get me wrong Marc has won three times at BAMMA against three good opponents.”

“But he won’t be able to do that against me. I will be too much for him, his pressure game plays into my hands. He definitely wouldn’t be able to press me against the cage like he did to McGann. I’m strong and aggressive and I see areas of weakness in his game.”

“I most definitely hope that Marc is fighting on #BAMMA22. I will be shouting him out and hunting him down.”

Kane would like to thank “my physiotherapist Naz, Dave Green my strength and conditioning coach, Booster who are providing my MMA gear and Better Body Supplements.”

“Going into #BAMMA22 you can expect a guy that is 150% willing to leave it all on the line. I have the heart of a warrior, the aggression of a Lion and the personality of a superstar!”

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