GSP: Dana Lacked Class

Former UFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre has revealed to Chael Sonnen that he may have already returned to The Octagon were it not for UFC President, Dana White.

GSP seems to be as keen to dominate pursuits outside MMA as much as he did inside, but speaking to Chael Sonnen on his “You’re Welcome” podcast earlier this week, the Canadian admitted he may have already returned- even giving Hendricks the rematch he wanted- were it not for the conduct of Dana White and the UFC following his split decision win over “Bigg Rigg” at UFC 167.

White famously drew a great deal of criticism from fighters and the media for his caustic reaction to a battered and confused GSP suggesting he wanted time away from the sport in his post-fight interview. This seeming callousness was compounded when the UFC President began to inform the assembled media at the post-fight press conference that St. Pierre had been taken to hospital when, in fact, he was receiving minor stitching in his changing room.

Aware of what White was doing, a UFC official attempted to prevent GSP from entering the press conference. As the former champ explained:

“I say why? ‘You know, you’re not allowed to go, it’s OK.’ Then I understood, something weird is going on,”

“And then I found out Dana was saying I was gone to hospital and I was badly hurt. I was like, what is wrong with this? Because I didn’t know what was going on.”

“I understand Dana was pissed because I was leaving with the belt. I got it. But he could have done it with a bit of better class, you know?”

White poured scorn on a suggestion by Freddie Roach last week that “Rush” was entering into a camp as preparation for a return to competition, claiming that he lacked the “hunger” for such an endeavour. However, GSP told Sonnen he is still back training at Tristar twice a day and, now that he doesn’t have to think about fighting, is enjoying it more than ever.

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