Fighter with 21 straight losses is now on a winning streak

Earlier this year we had a true underdog story in Andy Cona, a fighter who supposedly lost 21 professional fights in a row, finally getting a ‘W’ in the cage (read here) and over the weekend that story just got a little better.

Andy Cona (2-21) won his second straight fight by beating David Young in just 10 seconds at Machine MMA 12 on Saturday night and thus is on the first winning streak of his career.

Speaking to us here at WHOTV, Cona spoke of his delight in the win, his training and the good causes he fights for and jokingly talking about a fight with CM Punk.

“For the past year all my fights I have given my purse to charity and this fight was for a little boy and there will be a full story on this coming on Channel 4 this year.”

I have been training so hard with my amazing team and Ian Freeman. I work so hard and Ian has changed me so much and now it is paying off. I am not an easy fight for anyone any more. I still get a lot of criticism but I haven’t quit yet. I have found my home at Machine MMA.”

I have just seen a comment on twitter about CM Punk. ‘Make it happen,’ I say (laughs). All jokes aside it was a great win at the weekend.”

You can catch his fight below (skip to 4:50):

David Young Vs Andy Cona from Vizvox Productions on Vimeo.

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