EXCLUSIVE with King Mo: “MMAAA should be called UFCAAA”

We caught up with Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal ahead of his Bellator 169 main event with Satoshi Ishii in Dublin, Ireland on December 16th.

It’s your first fight in Europe and being in Dublin. What did you think when you were asked to fight on this card?

I thought it was awesome and just said to myself let’s go Dublin and kick some ass. Ireland has a rich history in boxing and combat sports. I’m a big boxing fan so I thought let’s go over and showcase some skills.

This is your 13th fight for Bellator, how happy are you with the promotion?

I’m down with Bellator and I’m going to finish my career there. Everyone’s cool, no drama, no problem. Spike TV is great. Let’s go!

Your opponent Satoshi Ishii is coming into this with a loss to Quinton Jackson on his Bellator debut, do you see him presenting you with any issues?

If I allow him to cause me issues, he will. He’s got certain aspects of his game that are really good, so I’ve got to bring my game.

You tweeted about Bjorn not being “Captain Save a Fighter” What is your reaction to the formation of the MMAAA?

I should be called UFCAAA as it isn’t for MMA it’s just for the UFC fighters. I hope it works out for them in the UFC but don’t use MMA like you’re helping all of us out it’s just for the UFC. That shit won’t affect me.

You also said you’d never “fit the mold of a UFC fighter”. Do you still stand by that?

Things change but I’m too real and outspoken for the UFC. I can’t imagine the UFC would be happy with someone giving me shit in a press conference and me taking them outside. If you’re gonna say shit to me you’ve got to back it up. I’m too real for that shit.

What’s next for you after this fight?

Whatever Bellator want I’ll love to fight next week after my fight or fight in January. Whatever they’ve got ready for me I’ll take!

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