Exclusive video feature launch ahead of BAMMA 22

Back in July I set off at a disgustingly early time of day to take a road trip up to Manchester and spend a day with one of BAMMA’s newest and most exciting signings, Kane Mousah. The purpose of this was filming a mini documentary with my colleague, Mike Morgan – something completely new for me. My role at #WhoaTV is generally to write scathing articles and conduct interviews with MMA stars, directing a documentary seemed like an interesting new challenge, and this one piqued my interest particularly. I wanted to do a piece on Kane – he was perfect for it for a variety of reasons – but far more suited to video than print with his interesting back story and being very quotable and media confident.

I made contact with the subject a couple of days before we travelled up and found him, thankfully, to have a really easy and open manner. I wanted to set some parameters and agree where we would be able to film, I quickly found that Kane was happy to be open about all aspects of his life and give us access to a lot of his personal life as well as training – really important to provide colour and context.

Arriving at Kane’s flat it was interesting to see the amount of thought that goes into shooting each individual aspect, walking around and poking into corners to find the right lighting, backdrops and mood kept me busy for a while. Then interviewing him, this was perhaps the easiest part, as you will see, Kane likes to talk and once given a subject area is chatty and expansive. We spent the rest of the day travelling around Manchester, visiting Kane’s mother Helen (who made us so welcome – thank you), the park where he grew up training and still does (ably assisted by the gorgeous Kaiser) and the boxing gym where he trains daily. In each place I had great fun moving people around and telling them where to go and what to do (directing is awesome).

In the evening we packed up our kit and began the long drive back, the whole journey we spent throwing around ideas about music, sequencing, titles for the documentary and how and when to release it. I had no idea there was so much behind all the great mini docs that Mike produces!

I really hope you guys enjoy the finished product. IC3: Street Pedigree tells the story of Kane Mousah, briefly touching on his early MMA career that was stalled by his arrest and imprisonment for possession of a firearm. He talks openly about his historic involvement in the active gang culture in Manchester and how he kept his MMA career on track and ready to resume so quickly once he left prison. For those of you who have been following it on twitter he also gives some context to his hostilities with Mark Diakase and delivers a message to Myles Price.

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