Edgar believes the UFC will give McGregor a title shot before fighting him

In an interview with MMA Weekly former UFC champ Frankie Edgar shares his thoughts on the title picture and his current standing revealing that he believes that the UFC will give Conor McGregor a shot at the title before facing him.

Alan’s Angle: Maybe I am reading into things too much but I find Edgar’s body language to the topic interesting, like as if he knows that McGregor is guaranteed the title shot and the UFC told him ‘no’ to his recent appeal for another crack at Jose Aldo.

Saying that, it is quite clear what the UFC’s thought process is here: McGregor beats Siver he gets the title shot, McGregor loses to Siver and Edgar gets the title shot. There is very little possibility of Edgar vs. McGregor after January unless Aldo gets injured and is ruled out.

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