Ed Arthur “I will break him in the first round”

#BAMMA25 is just under three months away and with the card already boasting some huge fights in the #UKMMA scene, the promotion just last week added a huge Bantamweight encounter with former Champion Ed Arthur going up against Cameron Else.

The pair last fought on the same card at #BAMMA23 which saw Arthur suffer his first professional loss at the hands of Shay Walsh, whilst his next opponent Else made his BAMMA debut in dominant fashion stopping Jay Butler in the first round.

Arthur was a guest on this week’s #WHOACAST and made it clear to host Bryan Lacey that he is aiming to run straight through Else when the pair meet on 14th May.

“I haven’t been thinking about Cameron Else, I have been thinking about big fights. BAMMA want me to fight for belt again that’s why they are giving me Cameron.”

“He is 3-2 and he thinks he is the next greatest thing but has never been in a real fight. I am looking straight through him. Cameron has been sniffing at my heels for a long time; I’m thinking about running straight through him and going to the big fights.”

Just days after the fight was announced, Else was interviewed by DMI Images (which you can find here), and discussed a time in which the pair nearly came to blows over a social media dispute. This is what Arthur had to say about that particular incident.

“If im honest with you when people say there is beef it is one sided he is the emotional one. That was an outside of MMA issue. Him and another guy like a pair of girls started writing over a picture and just bombarding me with abuse, I thought this is nuts.”

“I’m a fighter if you want to fight lets fight. Im a man you want to abuse me we can settle it now. He run scared then, he didn’t want to go that. Now the fight has been agreed he is bringing up bitching nonsense. I had forgotten about it, I’m not the person holding onto bitter things. I don’t get motivated like that. I’d fight Cameron in my garden for free. He didn’t want to fight then, when it comes to fight time he won’t want to fight then either.”

During the video, Else also gives his predictions for the upcoming fight and believes that he will be the victor in the first round, something which Arthur highly disputes.

“He gives all that nonsense about dropping 12lbs against Spencer Hewitt. Does he think he is the only fighter who has had a bad weight cut? If you want to win you will win. If you want to lose you will find excuses. He broke in about 2 minutes that has nothing to do with weight cutting that is your mind. I saw it then and it will be the same on May 14th, I will break him in the first round.”

“Mark my words, he will break he has done it before he will do it again. I think I will knock him out in second. I will hit him few times, he will panic and try and take me down but won’t be able to. I will keep pressing, come the second he will be tired/desperate and I will beat him in the second round either by TKO or I will drop him and submit him on the ground.”

You can check out the full episode of this weeks #WHOACAST in the link below, which also features BAMMA Lonsdale Bantamweight contender Nathaniel Wood who is fighting Alan Philpott at #BAMMA23.

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