Down to Business- UFC Embedded 4

A noticeably quieter Conor McGregor is the most incongruous element of the latest in the UFC embedded series with the fighters and their teams in Las Vegas, and final preparations being made.

All four fighters from the main and co-main events have touched down in Vegas. All seem in good spirits, especially Luke Rockhold who displays and easy-going calmness that borders on eerie. Strangely, it is the usually buoyant McGregor who appears the deepest in thought ahead of the biggest fight in MMA history.

The Notorious one stalks the halls and auditorium of the MGM Grand Garden Arena with the coldness of a tiger creeping up on his prey. The only brief movement of levity is when he is presented with a personalised Play Station which he jokingly implores to the representative to ‘take back’ when he discovers that Aldo has also been given one.

All men are demonstrably less jovial however as their mind turns from the psychological battle, to the very real physical challenge which awaits them on Saturday night:

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