Dillashaw Fires back at Urijah Faber

The bickering between Urijah Faber and former UFC Bantamweight World Champion TJ Dillashaw has continued this week with Dillashaw branding his former training partner “childish“.

The acrimony between former WEC title holder Urijah Faber and former Team Alpha Male member TJ Dillashaw shows no signs of abating, and the former UFC Bantamweight Champ is starting to get fed up with it. Dillashaw left to train away from the “California Kid’s” gym in 2015 after claiming the title, a fact which Conor McGregor reminded Faber of frequently when they clashed as coaches on TUF.

At the time, the Californian seemed to brush off the barbs, in particular McGregor’s description of Dillashaw as a “snake”, but it seems the remarks got under his skin. Since then the former training partners have traded increasingly incendiary snipes through the media, up to and including Faber’s implications of PED abuse.

Speaking with Submission Radio recently, however, it was clear the former champ has had more than enough:

“Urijah’s actually handled this whole entire thing so childishly. It’s crazy how much I have to talk about the guy and how much he thinks he needs to talk about me…

“Whatever. I don’t need to be friends with Urijah. He’s always been for himself anyways. So now he wants to create an enemy. You know, for him to say things like that about me and Cruz that aren’t true whatsoever and to bash our names is pretty ridiculous. And I feel like Cruz made him look like a fool because of it… for the last couple of years, he hasn’t been able to make himself relevant with his fights.

“The only way he’s able to do it is by talking crap about me. And so I think that’s just what he’s doing, is trying to talk crap about me and Cruz because we’re obviously better than he is and we have what he’ll never have.”

Faber is set to fight Cruz once more for the Bantamweight World Title at UFC 199, which will surely be his last chance to become a UFC Champion.

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