Diaz Daps: Footwear That Don’t Give a F**k?!

The Diaz brothers have as distinct a personal brand as any fighters in MMA. And with Nate’s victory over Conor McGregor at UFC 196, they now have a wider audience. Could the time be right for them to release their own line of footwear?

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With record PPV figures for his shock win over Conor McGregor, irrespective of the hype his opponent brought to the bout, the UFC were left in no doubt that Nate Diaz is indeed a “needle-turner”. But do he- or his older brother- command enough support to launch their own successful line of footwear?

If their recent instagram post is anything to go by, they certainly do, as Nate showed off some prototype Gracie Acadamy branded Diaz kicks. What do you think? Could you handle some footwear straight out of Stockton?

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