Diary of a player hater – Mo Money no problems

I’ve reached a very unique point in my life. One I’ve never reached before. I invest a lot of my money but keep 30 percent of each weekly sum I make purely for wasting. The problem is I don’t want to buy anything. I have a 5 bedroom penthouse and I don’t want to move I have a beautiful car I don’t want to upgrade. I have plenty of clothes. Clothes I don’t even wear.

I have expensive watches and wallets and £4,000 suitcases and paintings of myself and a £900 pound pimp cane. Custom made gloves and a housekeeper who cooks and cleans for me and I literally can’t think of what else to buy? I can spend the money travelling the world but I do that loads already. I travel whenever I’m not training so that’s in the bag. I spend 5 months a year abroad.

I feel really happy I have everything I want and I deserve everything I want because I’m God not a shit muncher like you. But I don’t want to have loads of cash laying around. Investment cash gets invested. This is my wasting cash is designed to be SPENT.

So the ONLY thing left to do is gamble. Last night me and T jumped in the bat mobile and hit the casino to burn off some cash. The worst thing is, I won again! Now I have MORE money.

Gonna go shopping again today and HOPEFULLY I can find something I want. It’s Wednesday so I know all of you losers need to go to work. Lol. Work, lol, that must suck.

It’s so hard being me.

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