De Mori via Hand Grenade – the only way he can defeat David Haye?

David Haye is coming into this fight against Marc de Mori with over 1000 days outside the ring and on the back of a shoulder surgery. He has a new trainer in Shane McGuigan and is under the new promotion team of the Salter Brothers. On the basis of being ring rusty alone, if you were in De Mori’s shoes you would think that this is the perfect time to fight a man as dangerous as David Haye. Surely, if you ever had a chance to beat the Haymaker it would be now right?

Enter Mark de Mori: now, I’m no boxing genius, but I like David Haye and his team believe the exact same thing – De Mori is a great athlete, but he’s only a good boxer. He possesses a very impressive record with over 30 wins and it’s over 10 years since his only defeat. But the issue de Mori faces is summed up by the old saying “styles make fights”. In this case his ‘style’ makes it a very easy fight for the Haymaker. De Mori is known and criticised for keeping his left hand too low and his chin too high. Add this to a cocktail of aggression whilst moving in straight lines and it’s very hard not to presume that a world class counter boxer like Haye, with unprecedented power in his right hand, will not land the trademark ‘haymaker’ and end the fight.

Both fighters have stated that they see the fight lasting longer than 5 rounds. That’s not particularly surprising, considering De Mori doesn’t have a proven record of one punch knockout power. I believe De Mori’s best chance to win the fight is to take a Dereck Chisora type approach: being heavy on David Haye at every opportunity (an approach he has assured that he has no interest in taking, by the way), working in the clinch and dictating the tempo of the fight. If he was able to execute this type of game plan, it would allow him the windows of opportunity to test the always questionable chin of David Haye in later rounds. David Haye, on the other hand – who has apparently said he hasn’t even seen any footage on his opponent leading up to the fight – has a number of options in his armoury. Meet in the middle and outbox De Mori, counter with the right hand at will and even utilize his range and pick De Mori apart on the outside.

During fight week Mark de Mori has said all the right things and is the epitome of confidence: he’s here to spoil the party, he doesn’t want to make up the numbers and he believes his desire can overcome the skill of Haye. However, is this apparent confidence stemming from his sheer excitement at being involved in such an occasion? I can’t help but think he’s more overwhelmed and happy about being a part of the ‘Haye Comeback Party’ rather than having a serious attempt at disrupting it. Mark de Mori is the kind of guy to run in and save people from a burning building, but he’s not the kind of guy to beat David Haye in a boxing fight.

That leaves me with my prediction. I believed David Haye when he stated – in our recent interview at the press conference – he would end the fight after 5 rounds but not before. I’m sure he will want to get some minutes under his belt and find his timing. Smart money would be on a Haye KO between rounds 5 – 10, with an outside bet being Haye via majority decision, due to concerns that The Haymaker isn’t the weapon it once was after surgery and/or De Mori’s courageous heart sees him through to the final bell.

Watch the return of The Haymaker on Free TV Channel “Dave” at 9pm Saturday 16th January.

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