Dana White: GSP Is Finished!

The media back-and-forth between UFC president Dana White and former welterweight champion George St. Pierre continued this week as White declared that the Canadian is “done” as a fighter.

One of the greatest MMA fighters of all time has been back in full-time training of late after completing filming on the reboot of the Kickboxer franchise, but he has found plenty of time to speak to the media about MMA, and a potential return to the UFC.

Earlier this week GSP responded to Dana White’s comments that he “lacked hunger”, and stated that if it were not for the way in which White and the company had treated him in the aftermath of his bruising encounter with Johnny Hendricks, he may have already returned to The Octagon.

Of course, the UFC’s propaganda department went into immediate action, however, Dana White was unusually civil in tone, if typically forthright in pronouncement when speaking to Off the record:

“Listen, I like Georges St-Pierre. I respect him. He was never anything but class when he fought for us. He was an absolute class act. He took Canada to a whole other level with the sport and everything else, but he can talk about why he isn’t here, why he isn’t doing this and maybe he’ll take six weeks; Georges St-Pierre lost the urge to fight and that’s the reality…”

“I’ve been dealing with athletes since I was 19 years old and I saw it in his face after the Johny Hendricks fight,” White insisted. “We went backstage and we talked. When you’re in Vegas, I’ll hook you up with Lorenzo. I looked at Lorenzo last night and I said, ‘GSP’s done’. He said, ‘What? You’re crazy.’ I said, ‘He’s done.'”

Whether White believes that or not is impossible to say. However, if his recent announcement that Ronda Rousey will be granted a rematch is any indication, it is likely he would put such qualms aside in the face of the economic benefits if GSP wanted to return to competition.

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