If you still are sceptical about Conor McGregor’s popularity in Ireland – then look no further than Google’s top searches of 2013 and it will be reaffirmed that he does indeed have a country behind him.

Google have released their top search-engine trends of the past year. The results are categorized into relevant lists like: overall top searches, movies, gadgets and events.

Interestingly, Conor McGregor is ranked highest, in Ireland, in the most searched Sports Personalities category.

It is unprecedented for a mixed martial artist to be trending so highly in Ireland – bearing in mind that the sport isn’t seen in the mainstream that often.

When McGregor debuted in the UFC and burst onto the international scene in April of this year, it was evident that his personality and skill inside the octagon captured the imagination of the Irish public.

His appearance alongside Cahal Pendred on the “Late Late Show”, Ireland’s most watched television talk show, really pushed the featherweight into the limelight. His colourful personality was a breath of fresh air in the Irish sporting landscape.

Following his success in Boston against Max Holloway, he was invited onto the show for a second time, and once again left a lasting impression on the population.

His star continues to rise with the news that he is the top searched sports personality in Ireland; beating out Real Madrid star Gareth Bale, controversial sprint runner Oscar Pistorius, and former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson.

Top Trending Sports Personalities

1. Conor McGregor
2. Gareth Bale
3. Oscar Pistorius
4. Alex Ferguson
5. David Moyes
6. Niall Donoghue
7. Mesut Ozil
8. Willian
9. Thiago Alcantara
10. Wayne Rooney

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