Check Out Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s Response Video to Fernando Gonzalez

Michael Page had a second fight with Fernando Gonzalez cancelled this week, supposedly due to Gonzalez’s inability to secure a Visa to fight in London at the O2 Arena at Bellator 158.

However, it seems the English welterweight thinks his would-be opponent has been making suggestions to the contrary, and he isn’t happy about it. A little while ago he posted this video response to his twitter account:

It’s not clear what specific allegations ‘MVP’ is refering to, but it may be certain allusions Gonzalez made in conversation with MMA Report that Bellator might be protecting Page:

“They are saying that he is not afraid of me and who am I. I am 25-13. The thing is, those are a lot of numbers. He is 10-0, 9-0 or something like that. I have more losses than he has wins. Just in the losses, you gain more experience.

“The thing is that I think it messes with him a little bit is that I have that much experience but they also haven’t put the backing behind me. He knows he is going to have a tough fight. He is taking more of a risk fighting me than just waiting for me to probably just get the title and it gives him a reason to fight me for the belt.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the American veteran claims that even though he had some long past legal troubles, he ran his history past a lawyer who told him they shouldn’t prevent him getting a Visa to travel to the UK. As yet, no replacement has been named to face ‘Venom’ on Bellator’s first ever London card.

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