Chalmers: ‘No-one gives a sh-t about Bungard’

Just a cursory glance through the timeline of newly signed Bellator athlete Aaron ‘The Joker’ Chalmers reveals he is not without his detractors. Bellator’s recently signed Chris Bumgard appears to be trying to draw out the unbeaten Geordie with a series of Twitter exchanges. I caught up with ‘The Joker’ who was none too pleased about the Scotsman’s recent comments. Speaking to me Chalmers said, “Chris Bungard is saying I’m Shit, I’m a joke,but constantly calling me out. He’s had fifteen fights, I’ve had four, I’ve told him when my level is higher I’m happy to fight him.”

Besides the ‘bants’ value the exchange appears a little needless considering the disparity between their current levels of skill, something which ‘The Joker’ is keen to point out, “I’m a novice fighter learning, when he was at my record he was fighting 0-6’s still. The one challenge he had he got beat.” Continuing Chalmers said, “His last three fights have all been fighters on massive losing streaks.”

Given the relentless pace at which Bungard has pursued Chalmers you would think there had been a pretty ugly altercation in real life. Not so as Chalmers reveals it might just boil down to drumming up a little bit of attention for himself. “No-one gives a shit about Bungard, so it’s easy to say Aaron Chalmers, Aaron Chalmers, Aaron Chalmers and everyone will hop on it.”

Even though he is relatively young in his pro career Chalmers is looking to grant Chris his wish in the future as he said, “By the time we fight Chris will probably be 0-3 in Bellator, but I will still fight him to prove a point.”

Aaron Chalmers is yet to be matched after signing his new deal with Bellator. We will, of course, keep you informed on the latest developments that occur when he is matched.

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