Cerrone on McGregor: I would be a Fool not to want that Fight!

Conor McGregor may have the gift of the gab in the UFC‘s featherweight division, but if there’s anyone as big and brash as The Notorious One, it’s Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, and he isn’t about to back down in the face of the UFC‘s biggest star.

Lightweight challenger Donald Cerrone may not possess the wit of the Irishman, but he has never shied away from a verbal battle. Cerrone, who fights Raphael Dos Anjos for the title on Saturday night, has already enjoyed the odd exchange with the new featherweight champion, despite his attentions largely having been consumed with Aldo in recent months.

However, McGregor’s assertion that he is now ready to step up a division and face the winner of Saturday’s lightweight bout seems to have Cerrone fired up.

Speaking to MMA Latest last weekend, The Cowboy dismissed the Irish antagonist’s chances in the lightweight division but, knowing the sort of money the fight would draw, was enthusiastic about a title fight with the featherweight champion:

“Why not? Absolutely! That would be a huge fight and I would be a fool not to want that fight.”

“I’d knock the f****** s*** outta that kid. He’s too small to come to 155lbs.”

“His jaw is powerful, he’s got good talk, but he won’t fair well with the top of the division.”

“He might do OK with the lower guys, if they do the same thing they did with the 145 pounders and pick and choose his guys, but if they throw him in the top ten – no way !”

Cerrone still has a lot of work to do before he can think about that big money match-up however. His opponent, Rafael Dos Anjos, has already got one win against The Cowboy under his belt, and has looked better in each fight on his way to claiming the title from Anthony Pettis.

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