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Bungard: ‘If Brazier finishes me I’ll retire from MMA!’

Scottish Hit Squad product Chris ‘The Bad Guy’ Bungard (13-4-0) takes on the ex BAMMA two time world champion at Terry Brazier (10-1-0) on 9th February in Newcastle when Bellator kick off their inaugural European series which plans to keep the 40 plus newly signed European fighters very busy in the coming months and years.

It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to Chris and in that time he’s taken the opportunity to expand his training regimen and where he spends his time as he explained, “My base is in Scotland. I’m training between the Scottish Hit Squad with Brian Gallacher and I’m also spending time with SBG Ireland with John Kavanagh where I’ve more training partners my weight. John is one of the best coaches in the world his mind and Brian’s mindset are very similar.”

Bungard’s personality in many ways represent the brand values of WHOA TV, mischievous, outspoken and very keen to engage with anyone willing trade words. He’s happy to take on all comers as he explains why he recently took to social media to give Aaron Chalmers a piece of his mind. “I just think Aaron Chalmers needs a reality check,” Bungard laughs as he recalls drawing out the co-headliner who’ll appear on the same fight card. Continuing he said, “He’s putting up pictures with all his money and he’s giving people a false picture of the fight game. All us fighters grind and train for years and years and we make pennies and he comes in against a guy who can’t even throw a punch and he’s posting pictures with thousands and thousands of pounds. He also thinks he’s actually good when he’s not.”

The disparity between the two makes it an odd call out considering where both men are in there careers. It’s a point Bungard is keen to address when explaining that the call out is aimed at setting up a clash several months down the line as he said, “Obviously I know I’d run through him right now, but I just want to show the public and real fans that he’s not on anybody’s level and he doesn’t belong here. When he gets some experience I plan to use him like a cheap hooker honestly. The guy he’s fighting next is 2-0 in f–king his cousins or something.”

As we naturally turn the conversation to the forthcoming matter of of his bout with Terry Brazier Chris is keen to explain why he has given his opponent a light touch in terms of building towards the fight. “We’ve gone back and forth a wee bit on social media,” he said, “Terrence is calling me Bumgard which is old patter mate, that’s so old, I used to hear that when I was at primary school.” Laughing he continues, “I don’t wanna say too much about him because he’s such a snowflake. He’s been in the army and he’s seen this and seen that. I don’t wanna go there too much just in case he get’s too offended.”

In a recent podcast, hosted by Gareth A Davies and Aaron Chalmers Brazier was interviewed and made clear who was the A-side in their forthcoming fight. For once in the course of our discussion Bungard is keen to agree with his opponent, “Terry is 100 percent right that we are in the position on the card because of him. But the pressure is on him as the ex two weight world champion. If Brazier finishes me I’ll retire from MMA.”

“He’s looking past me already and he thinks it’s going to be a walk in the park. He’s gonna be in for a fright. I’m gonna put an elbow into that bald head of his on fight night!”

WHOA TV will be on the scene at the venue come fight night bringing you all the results as they happen. Tickets can still be obtained via Ticketmaster.

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