Brett McDermott “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity”

Brett “The Spartan” McDermott has the opportunity of a lifetime ahead of him this New Years Eve as he enters the Rizin FF Heavyweight Tournament.

Host of the #WHOACAST, Bryan Lacey was able to speak with “The Spartan” ahead of his huge opportunity on this week’s show.

McDermott is representing BAMMA at the tournament and was called in as a late replacement for former BAMMA Heavyweight Champion Mark Godbeer, an opportunity he was willing to grab with both hands.

“I only found out couple of weeks ago. They got in touch with my coach Bob Cassidy as they had heard the news that Godbeer was injured. I have always said I will fight anyone anywhere. This is definitely not just anyone, anywhere. This is King Mo in Japan.”

McDermott will face Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal in the first bracket of the Heavyweight tournament. Lawal will be the toughest test of McDermott’s career but for McDermott this fight poses the greatest opportunity he has been presented in his MMA career and one he is confident he can achieve.

“He has got it all, his career shows it Strikeforce Champion, Bellator Champion. Everyone knows who he is and hardly anyone knows who I am.”

“His wrestling is high class and they know how to position body to counter everything you do. But with me there is no quit in me. If he gets me down, I’m going to try and get back up.”

“It’s going to be tiring trying to hold me down. He has got to come to me first and be in striking distance to manage that. Hopefully we can land some shots in the process and get the victory.”

Whilst McDermott has achieved a lot in his short professional career, including capturing the BAMMA Light Heavyweight Title, he isn’t surprised that he is being labelled the underdog in this fight, and is hopeful that as long as he gives it his best shot good things will come.

“I am still quite fresh to it. I have only been a pro just short of two years and with my amateur stuff it’s about four years in total. I’m still learning. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“I’m massively the underdog but sometimes good things do happen to people like us. If I give King Mo my best anything could happen. If I beat him anything could happen from there on.”

Going in as the underdog may alleviate some of the pressure from McDermott and he is keen to relish the opportunity Rizin have presented him, and is hopeful that “King Mo” won’t be taking him lightly.

“The opportunity is not to taken for granted, you have to be in it to win it. If he thinks he is going to walk through me he has another thing coming.”

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