Bellator and UFC Fighters Tribute to Kimbo Slice

Kevin Ferguson, widely known as ‘Kimbo Slice‘ tragically passed away this month as he was training to fight James Thompson at Bellator 158 in London. A host of fighters and training partners have paid tribute to his life in a moving series of interviews by MMA Junkie.

Kimbo Slice became known through a series of Youtube videos of professional ‘back street’ bare-knuckle fights. His punching power and intimidating demeanour gave the impression of a mean and thuggish individual.

However, after transitioning to sanctioned combat sports like boxing and MMA, not only did he dismantle the perception of him as just a ‘brawler’, having reasonable success against experienced professionals, but also showed his innate kindness and humanity, something that became ever more apparent in his stint on The Ultimate Fighter.

The website MMA Junkie took the time to talk to a number of the fighters who knew him and get their views on a family man who passed tragically young.

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